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Available Talks

Whether it’s a moms group, college campus, or diocese event, I have a passion for bringing vulnerability, authenticity, and humor to the conversation. I'd be honored to speak at your next event!

Outdoor Chairs

Come to the Table 

“I am the God of multiplication, not division.” This prayerful response to the cry of my envious heart became the foundation for my battle cry to women of faith. There is a place for each of us at His table! We can celebrate each other and the unique gifts God has given each of us to build His Kingdom. This talk can touch the hearts of women of any age who desire to build a supportive community where charisms and faith can blossom together. 

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The Cross of NFP

“When it comes to fertility, all God’s children got angst!” -Simcha Fischer 
I don’t know about you, but I was sold rainbows and butterflies on the NFP brochure during marriage prep. Monitoring mucus was supposed to be the magic fairy dust that took our marriage to the level of frolicking through a meadow, hand in hand. 
Reality: NFP is hard! Some seasons are worse than others. This talk provides an authentic space to share the difficulties of NFP. It has been a hit at moms groups and parish events for couples who have been practicing NFP long enough to understand the challenges. 

Woman on a Deserted Road

Unleashing Your Feminine Genius

“Knowledge leads to love.” -Thomas Aquinas 
Women have not been taught *how* their bodies work. You can’t love something you don’t understand! We breeze through a rudimentary physiology lesson, a brief theological explanation of the feminine genius, and a call to KNOW and LOVE your individual feminism. A perfect talk for high school or college women trying to find their authentic, feminine, Catholic voice!

A Warm Embrace

NFP Testimony 

From an avid contraceptive user to an NFP instructor and advocate, I've journeyed through the secular contraceptive society, and I discuss how it shaped my first 6 years of marriage. Sharing knowledge gleaned from Janet Smith and Theology of the Body experts such as Christopher West, this talk is perfect for engaged couples as they prepare for marriage.

Vintage Microphone

Speaking Fees

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs. Each talk is negotiated to account for size of group, travel costs, etc.

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