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When Fertility Feels Like a Cross


Dear Reader,


I’m glad you’re here. NFP has its challenges, and we need to know we are not alone. I hope this e-booklet does that for you. 


I don’t have all of the answers. I have many questions myself. These are just thoughts and questions I’ve wrestled with for years, and the steps that brought me peace in the most difficult NFP moments.


In the future, I plan on expanding this booklet to include other difficult areas of NFP practice such as: breastfeeding transition, challenges of being married to a non-Catholic, menopause, etc. Rather than wait until I had time to write about every challenge within NFP, I decided this was a good place to start.


Many of the examples, and the tone of this e-booklet, are geared toward hyperfertile couples. The general steps, though, can be applied to infertility and other challenges with fertility and spirituality. 


There are many great resources to educate yourself about NFP, to strengthen marriages, and to thrive within NFP. I do not provide a list of these within this e-booklet. As you truly open your heart— with its mess and fears and anger— to Our Lord, I trust that He will put the needed resources in your path.


Be assured of my prayers for you to find peace through all of your NFP trials.


In Christ,



This pdf e-booklet can be read as an e-book when opened in Apple Books, Google Play Books, or any pdf e-reader app.

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