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Cycle Tracking for Single Women

Every woman— between puberty and menopause—

benefits from cycle tracking.



Both the AAP and ACOG have issued opinion statements* about the important of recognizing a woman’s menstrual cycle as a vital sign.


Unleashing your feminine genius begins with understanding your basic, inherent biology.

Cycle Awareness 101 Course $25

A one-hour self-paced online course to learn:

-basics of the menstrual cycle hormones

-how to track 3 common biomarkers of fertility

-cycle red flags

-cycle wellness

Additional included resources:

-chart (paper and online spreadsheet)

-written instructional handout


Note: This course is designed for college-age women and older. 

Follow up (optional)​: $50/year

The Cycle Awareness 101 Course does not include follow up. 


If you are interested in working one-on-one with an instructor, please fill out this form:

What about cycle tracking for teens? 

Coming eventually... hopefully fall 2022!

Period tracking and cycle tracking are important tools for high school teens. Their needs are different than adult women, and they deserve a course all their own. 

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