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Spreading the truth, beauty, and goodness of authentic femininity

LEARN how your body works 
your unique femininity 
LIVE out life in meaningful relationships 

"The world does not need what women have.

The world needs what women are."

-Edith Stein


Natural Family Planning

You don’t need artificial hormones in your milk, your chicken, OR your reproductive system.
But you want something that WORKS.

Well, let me introduce you to the new(ish) kid on the NFP block. The Marquette Model of NFP utilizes technology to track your daily hormone levels. You can be done charting before your coffee is done brewing. Sound too good to be true? Thanks to science and innovation, it’s not! 


This information can be used to aid in achieving pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy, and/or health monitoring. Effective, easy, organic. Boom. 👊🏻

All the single ladies...

Cycle Tracking for Single Women

If you have a cycle, you should be tracking it. Because ovulation is health!

The menstrual cycle is an important health indicator and a tool to maximize wellness. 

Take a one hour course to learn the basics and receive a quarterly newsletter to continually learn about female health and wellness.

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Living the feminine genius

Body literacy is just step one.

Take the understanding of your basic biology and use it to live out authentic femininity. The awareness and skills from cycle tracking can be used to integrate the mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects of your life.

Set the world on fire with your feminine genius, sister!

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