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"The world does not need what women have. The world needs what women are."

-Edith Stein

Natural Family Planning

Fertility Awareness

You don’t need artificial hormones in your milk, your chicken, OR your reproductive system. 
But you want something that WORKS.
Well, let me introduce you to the new(ish) kid on the NFP block. The Marquette Model of NFP utilizes technology to track your daily hormone levels. #notyourgrannysrhythmmethod

This information can be used to aid in achieving pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy, and/or health monitoring. Effective, easy, organic. Boom. 👊🏻

Marquette Model

Not Your Granny’s Rhythm Method

You can be done charting before your coffee is done brewing. Sound too good to be true? Thanks to science and innovation, it’s not! 

NFP doesn’t have to be complicated and cumbersome to be effective. Marquette Model’s effectiveness is backed by evidence-based research.

Whether you are newly engaged, recently had a baby, looking for a different NFP method for your current season of life, or just wanting an objective and effective way to monitor your health, Marquette can be tailored to fit your individual needs! 


The Power of a Story

Authentic, vulnerable conversations can open our eyes and hearts to new ideas, hard truths, and the complexity of a life lived in relationship. 
Whether it’s the cross of fertility, the awesomeness of femininity, cultivating cooperative relationships, or simply a testimony from a stubborn, Type A, recovering perfectionist, I’d love to share my heart with you! 

Plants and Coffees

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